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Three hundred years ago, India – then Bharath was ruled by hundreds and hundreds of Kingdoms, dynasties, and empires that existed in this country without any inter or intra connectivity. Because the language spoken by each region and each community was (also is) different. Later, by our great leaders and freedom fighters with the help of the language called English they created bridges, almost to all parts of our country which were geographically isolated.


After the introduction of the Globalization policy adopted by the country in 1991, almost the entire world has come under one umbrella. This paved the way for multinational competitions which have led to the struggle for existence and the survival of the fittest. For our success in the global market wherever we may be, languages play a predominant role.


The countries for instance, like German and Japan has emerged as superpowers in spite of suffering a great loss in the past. Now Germany is considered the richest and economically strong nation in all of Europe. Japan is one of the most technically strong countries. And the list grows on… The economic growth of such nations has been ruling the entire industrial world of Europe, Asia and UAE. This emphasizes the significance of hard work, dedication and planning. To be a part of such a development, it is essential to know the native tongues. People who can read, write and speak fluently in other lingos can easily promote their edge over the others in the social and economic milieu.


Now that the entire world is a collection of piers in the large network of World Wide Web, all the established organizations are going online.  Online means various countries and various dialects. So the same content in many languages is required at the same time. Translations, Content Writing, re-printing and publishing vital books of the different genre have become very common. Thus vernaculars can bridge various MNCs, Industrial and Service sectors and facilitate job and career opportunities abundantly.


Hence, in order to promote success in business, success in career, success in academics and for the betterment of relationships and survival in all socio-economic environments, we at ARUDHRA offer you all both online and offline courses in various languages. The courses are designed and structured so as to comprise all the aspects of the language. The design is so simple that will help you understand the language much better with ease. We follow a methodology that will help you clear the International Certification levels of CEFR.