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About Us

We are a small but enthralling start-up but successful group of companies. Our enterprise consists of businesses of various sectors. We are developing in the field of Advertisements that includes commercials, webmmercial, banner ads, hoardings etc. We are excellent designers.

We design for all our projects and have a multitude of satisfied clients who admired our designing work and relished our designs. We extend our ingenuity and innovative approach to the field where we can use it, to its entirety – Events. With excellent creative skills and designers we can make wonders in your events, let it be a birthday celebration or festive day at home…… or a business meet, to Expo, Sports meet, or College Fest…..or a big special day of your life – your Wedding. We take it all and turn it all into a fairy tale worth to be told over & over, the coming years. We don’t stop here. To give a physical form to our inventiveness we touch some bricks & cement to make it a home. We build “Bobbling Life Spaces”, full of light and laughter, under the banner HariVenkat Constructions. We constantly like to give back, to the people & the society who gave us an identity. We serve for charity causes under Ladon Student Association. We constantly believe one can find true happiness in the smiles of others in need. And we always live up to it. We are happily dissatisfied and continuously seeking to improve us, in innumerable fields till it gratifies our thirst for progression and attainment.

Come Hither!! Look Thither!! Enter Arudhra!! Be Astounded! – Be a common line in the page.



To develop our dimensions, services and obtain ourselves not just a place but a victorious crown in all the diverse fields we get in.With our utmost strengths of: the endurance, the courage, the knowledge, the vigour and the perseverance we ought to reach a boundless and a long distance, once when looked back we will not just be a part in the history, but a legend of the mankind.


We don’t see the world how it is, but HOW IT COULD BE? We try to play a part in shaping the new era in the modern world. We like to grow and always want to help others grow along with us. That leads to the Sustainable Growth we everlastingly dream of.